President’s Message

President Message

October 2017

The transitional stage tension from the old board to new board tends to be heightened by members’ high expectations mixed with board members’ anticipation in order to step into the unknown territory as murmuring yourself “I’ll be all right. Everything will be fine.” Well, here we are, the new board members are ready to execute their responsibilities once and for all.

Last few years we had a bit difficulty in uploading our pictures and so we were all sad about it. But now we are in a good shape to post our pictures, messages and so forth. Wait and see, folks!

We are located in the Northwest corner of the United States and our weather is known to be more or so rainy throughout the year but obviously very green though. No wonder people call our city the “Emerald city”. Besides, the soothing summer air is something else! So, come on and visit!

Friendship through flowers,

Mitsuko Okada



Mailbox: (President, Mistuko Okada) (Public Relation Chair, Funny Yau) (Membership Chair, Atuko Chitose-Rasic) (The North American Regional Liaison, Dean Ishiki)


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