President’s Message – Spring

For upcoming spring events, our chapter will participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Festival Dates: Friday, April 22nd, 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday, April 23rd, 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday, April 24th, 10 am to 6 pm

Demonstration: Saturday & Sunday at 1:30 pm

Location: Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center, Seattle

Next, the I.I. Annual Show will be held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum with the
theme “Spring Awakening”. Preparations are underway.
Your attendance is greatly appreciated.

2016 Annual Exhibition Dates: Saturday, May 14th, 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday, May 15th, 10 am to 4 pm

Demonstration: Saturday & Sunday at 1 & 2 pm

Location: Seattle Asian Art Museum
Volunteer Park
1400 E Prospect Street
Seattle, WA 98112

Friendship through Flowers
Lily Chang

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